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Information Disclosure Templates for Investment Portfolios (Pooled Retirement Funds)

Pursuant to the Code on Pooled Retirement Funds (“PRF Code”), the principal brochure for each pooled retirement fund (PRF) and investment portfolios should contain all up-to-date information necessary for scheme participants to be able to make an informed judgement of their investment.

In this connection, for illustrative purposes only, information disclosure templates setting out the minimum disclosure requirements for each of the four types of investment portfolios in a principal brochure are provided.  Each type of investment portfolio has its unique features and risk profile. Therefore, the principal brochure must contain information of each investment portfolio that is specific to its type in accordance with the requirements under the PRF Code. Flexibility is allowed for the layout of the principal brochure.

The following sections can generally be found in the information disclosure templates:

  • Name of investment portfolio
  • Quick facts
  • Objective and investment policy
  • What are the key risks
  • What are the fees and charges
  • Valuation, pricing and dealing arrangements
  • Additional information

Information disclosure templates

Below are the information disclosure templates for different types of investment portfolios:

Last update: 19 Nov 2021

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