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Working at the SFC

At the SFC, we recognise it is our people and their dedication which drive our success as a financial regulator. We are committed to supporting you to achieve your potential while working at the SFC.

Employee-led learning and development
We provide a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities to advance the technical, management and leadership capabilities of our employees. In addition to classroom learning and seminars hosted by local and overseas market professionals, we provide opportunities for internal and external secondment, staff exchanges and cross-training with regulatory counterparts. To support your professional development within the SFC, we also offer education sponsorship and arrange for participation in local and overseas conferences.

Broad-based career development
We provide our people with valuable exposure and long-term career progression at the SFC — whether you aspire to deepen your expertise or broaden your knowledge, skills or experience. Established human resources programmes encourage greater movement of our people across the organisation and enable you to drive your own career development.

Apart from ongoing recruitment efforts, we have been running the Graduate Trainee Programme since 2009 to attract graduates of high calibre from local and overseas tertiary institutions. The three-year programme offers rotational on-the-job experience in different units of the organisation, supplemented by structured classroom training and mentoring programmes.

Competitive benefits and rewards
We benchmark our remuneration package with market trends and strive to keep it competitive. In addition to fixed and variable pay, the package includes benefits such as a retirement scheme and a health insurance plan.

We promote a meritocratic culture that recognises and rewards good performance.

Holistic employee well-being
Your well-being is important to us — both physical and mental well-being — as we believe physical and mental fitness can unlock potential. Underpinned by one of our core values —People count, we offer programmes and resources to support your personal health and well-being. These include on-site health screening, influenza vaccinations and sponsored health check-ups. We also provide training to foster mental well-being as well as a confidential Employee Assistance Programme for you and your immediate family members.

Congenial work environment
We offer a congenial and safe operating environment for our employees. We are committed to a discrimination-free work environment and incorporating corporate social responsibility into our operational decisions and practices. Staff activities enrich employees’ work life and strengthen team spirit. 

Operating as “One SFC”, collaboration is key to us as we pool our expertise from different areas to achieve our regulatory objectives. Our people are encouraged to share their perspectives and ideas through different channels such as cross-divisional working groups.

Last update: 6 Feb 2020

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