Organisational chart

Public Shareholders Group


  • Advises on issues relating to shareholders' rights and interests

Members' Particulars 

English Chinese Title* Name*
TANG Siau Feng, Megan (Chairman) 鄧兆芳 Interim Head of Corporate Finance Securities and Futures Commission
CHAN Kwok King Kingsley# 陳國勁 Managing Director Morgan Stanley Asia Limited
GILL Amar Singh -

Managing Director and Head of APAC Investment Stewardship

BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited
LI Lin, Lincoln#
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Valliance Asset Management Limited
MA Sean# 馬自銘 Founder and CEO Snow Lake Capital (HK) Limited
MO Yuen Man Anita# 巫婉雯 Chief Executive Officer
Hang Seng Indexes Company Ltd

Portfolio Manager

Maven Investment Partners Ltd
TYE Philip Andrew - Director HFL Advisors Limited
WANG Fang 王芳 Director, Sustainable Investing & Portfolio Manager
FIL Asia Holdings Pte Limited
WEI Zhen# 魏震 Managing Director, Head of APAC Index Solutions Research MSCI
WONG Yu Tsang Alex# 黃宇錚 Partner Boyu Capital Advisory Co., Limited
WONG David Nicholas# 王耀維 Senior Investment Strategist and Head - Asia Business Development, Equities AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited
WONG Chi Ming Sally 黃王慈明 CEO Hong Kong Investment Funds Association

*Affiliation as at the date of appointment or as updated by members.

Members' term of appointment: 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022 unless otherwise stated.

# Appointed/reappointed for the term from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2023.

Last update: 2 Sep 2021

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